X-Files Sites with The X-Quest

X-Files Sites with The X-Quest - Online episodic content tied to progress tracking back-end system. The content was award winning extensions to the X-Files mythArc, episode themes, and on-going agent work. Blending clever interactive challenges and deep knowledge of the series, these adventures engaged millions of dedicated fans for years.

The objective of this 8 year long project was to extend the X-Files experience into the web and dvds.
The original infrastructure of the site was designed for modularity - knowing that there would be years of additional seasons to handle.

X-Files Sites with The X-Quest Web Interface

X-Files Sites with The X-Quest

X-Files Sites with The X-Quest Web Content Caption

The original site used shockwave to create a fly-in interface for the site. The user flew into and around the “Canyons of the X” which all terminated in a section of the site.

The incredibly rich art from the X-Files was awesome to work with.

Example Image

Original Artwork from the episode used for site content

Creating such an immersive extension to a property benefits immensely from the assets the developer gets to work with and manipulate. The incredible depth and quality of the show art and very clever content creation to match the show video created amazing realism.

Click specialized in creatively extending the assets we had to work with to create interactive content.

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HOW International Design Competition - 1998
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