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Inspired by the Spinner vehicle interior, Click integrated java streaming audio into this navigation device, providing intuitive and efficient access to the entire site. The streaming ambient audio supports the immersive environments of the site, recreating the beautiful world of the Blade Runner game.

Westwood Studios, creators of the highly successful Command & Conquer games, selected Click Active Media to design and implement the web site for the ground-breaking Blade Runner real-time 3D adventure game. The chanllenge was to create an immersive web site that captures the intense atmosphere of Los Angeles 2019 without the benefit of any plug-ins, and to deliver an exciting experience for all modem speeds. The result is a technical and visual masterpeice that pushes the limits of what a web site can be.

Click designed 6 major sections of the site that coorespond to key locations of the game. Each area takes on its own look and feel to capture the intense mood and atmosphere of the game.

For the Game & Media sections Click borrowed techniques from traditional theatre set design to create a horizontal scrolling scene that captures the essence of the game and efficeintly delivers the critical marketing material.

Minimalist background jpgs are used to establish the framework of the scene with very little kbyte overhead. Small jpg previews allow access to their high resolution versions, and numerous visual accents from the scene all work together to create a stunning visual imterface.

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Blade Runner Web Site

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Other sections provide in-depth information on the characters and the tools they use in the game, an overview of the technical acheivements of the product, behind the scenes look at the sketches and conceptual drawings, detailed product information, and a section devoted to \\\"Off-world\\\" or fan based articles, sites, and reviews.

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Click created a custom Microsoft Windows95 Plus! pack for the Blade Runner game, filled with animations, custom backgrounds, icons, cursors, and sound effects. The Plus! pack is provided as a free digitial download to those who visit the site.

The Blade Runner site contains a wealth of digital assets - high resolution images, sound files, and digital video are all presented as a unique extension of the game online.

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Axiem Awards - 1999

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BDA Internation Design - 1998


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